Photo Therapy: A work in progress

My journey in photography.

In January of 2012, my husband, "T" was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. The cancer was so advanced, he had to undergo aggressive treatments which included 7 hospital stays. I'm happy to report, today he is cancer free! While staying in the hospital and becoming his full time caretaker, I began taking photos and documenting his journey calling it, "T's Big Adventure." I later realized how much I liked photo journaling. 

After the cancer experience, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome resulting from what I went through almost losing my husband and trying to be strong for everyone else. I started having major panic attacks causing me to become very reclusive. 

This is when T encouraged me to pick up my camera and start taking photos again. Since deciding to travel and enjoy life, it's given me the opportunity to capture some special moments here in Colorado and around the world.

Photography has become my own Big Adventure. Not only has it been therapeutic, but I've discovered a new creative self and that is what you see displayed on this site. I soon plan to sell my prints and will donate some of the proceeds to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

I hope my work can be a source of inspiration or healing for you as well. Enjoy my Photo Therapy...

-Teresa Taylor
Boulder, Colorado